Finally i got to sleep properly! Right mow my boyfriend is making dinner and tonight we’re probably going to cuddle up in our sofa watching the fourth X-Men movie 😊

Soon the weekend is here and becides from taking pictures i’m not going to fo anything at all. Just sleep constantly!

what are you doing this weekend? 😘


Good morning! Today Im extremely tired. I’ve been sleeping for 2 hours. Since the “summertime” began i haven’t been able to fall asleep until 4 in the morning, which is od because i still get out of bed around 8-9 am like i use too.

Hopefully this will change soon. I really dont like walking aroung like a zombie every day.

Anywho. How are you guys? Great i hope! I can see that you like my private pictures and videos, and im glad. I’m constantly thinking about different themes for my photos and im expectingna very sexy delivery with lingerie that i cant wait to show you!

Until thie weekend i’ll wont be able to take a lot of pics because i have a lot of things going on this week. But im planning to have my boyfriend help me taking a bunch of sexy photos this weekend.

Make sure to check my page for updates 😘